Incremental loading support and migrating to React or Angular2 from Blaze now

Hi. In our company, we have an existing application with medium complexity built using Meteor. We have recently updated it to 1.3 and implemented imports and exports (we really like 1.3 features). The application as it is now downloads 4.5MB worth of resources (code, js libs, images etc) initially when run in development mode. It is taking around 5 secs for the initial load. When run in production mode the total downloads is around 1MB with 770KB of minified meteor JS code and the initial load time is 2 seconds, which is ok for us.

But the problem is, we will work on a new project, which will commence in May. This project will need additional features, so we will add additional code on top of existing application. As the application size grows, we will face more and more load times, which is not ideal. Also it might be impossible for us to switch to React or Angular2 after this project as the code base will be huge by that time. So I have the following questions.

  1. Is incremental loading on Meteor’s roadmap.
  2. If it is, then will it be supported with Blaze.
  3. If incremental loading will not be supported in Blaze and will be supported in React or Angular2, then which one is likely going to be the preferred one for Meteor.

Recently I have watched some videos ( and others) which says imports and exports might be a step in that direction of incremental builds (does it mean incremental loading?). I have also read some forum posts here and here, which kind of contradicts whether to stay with Blaze or to move to React.

So we at our company are a bit confused at the moment. Any suggestions? I really hope anyone who is working/contributing on Meteor will clarify our doubts. Thank you in advance.

As far as incremental loading you will have to wait on MDG for any announcement there. As for the view layer you should pick whatever you like best. Just know that Blaze will be maintained by the community, React is eating the Internet, and angular2 is clean and nice. Pick your poison and go with it.


Hi @abhiaiyer. Thank you for your response. In the article mentioned above, the announcement said that

we should aim to support React, Angular, and Blaze as equal partners

Does this mean, MDG will also support it or is it still not decided. Or by equal, does they mean, supported by community.

For us, we are happy with Blaze now. It is quite simple and easy to learn. But as I said since Incremental loading is important for us and if Blaze is not supported by MDG (since you said it is supported by community (only?)) and if they do not support incremental loading for Blaze, we cannot switch from Blaze to React or Angular2 in future. May be I should tag @gschmidt who announced it so that we can have a bit of clarity on this one from himself.