Integrating bootstrap theme w/ Meteor


I’m sure someone else has done this before… I chose the SB-Admin theme and would like to integrate it with meteor as a starting point for my web app.

However, when I move the files over, taking heed to some of the advice expressed in this blog, the site still comes out all jacked up.

Any advice?


Have you tried ?
meteor add twbs:bootstrap


I have already run this particular command.


…and if you’re using less make sure and run:

meteor add less


I’ve also done this… “less w/o a version constraint has already been added.”


Perhaps you could elaborate on [quote=“mroknich, post:1, topic:25751”]
all jacked up


A repo would also help.


@vigorwebsolutions - All of the site content is thrown on the homepage. Sidebar is aligned right, not left (as seen in the theme). Header nav is not up top, but down the page a bit, etc.

@odesey -


@vigorwebsolutions - for reference


This is what I did for smart-admin

  1. put everything in public first.
  2. move index.html to client and fix the paths as needed.


@trajano I’m assuming you reconfigured the directory tree… adding a /public folder?


@trajano - the result… not much improvement. Moved CSS/JS to /public and kept index.html in /client, adjusting paths


Here ya go:


@vigorwebsolutions Thank you!


The navigation doesn’t quite work though… Oh you didn’t include any of the other html.


Haha, hence the “basic”


lol. If I simply drop the remaining views into client, it seems like meteor interprets the files in order and populates the home screen with all the html. In other words, my directory has blank-page, bootstrap-elements, bootstrap-grid, etc.

Is there a special way to hide/show views in meteor?


Right. In order to do all of those things, you’ll need routing.


Yours looks a bit off from what I expected, I did a quick run of it with a few tweaks

You can check the commits to see how it progresses in order. Aside from the rtl pages, the code had been ported over to Meteor blaze templates with the routing in place using Iron Router.

There’s a rendering problem on the index page with regards to morris trying to set the graph but the graph container element is not loaded yet. However, the graph does get rendered eventually.

RTL and IE8 support was removed in the last commit since those were not ported to Meteor as they add conditional stuff that would add more drastic changes. In doing so the public folder is totally removed and the whole application is a pure meteor app at the end.