Iron:router vs kadira:flow-router

I really like using iron:router and I find it easy to use and the documentation is well done.

Am i going to be in for a rude awakening someday, when a more advanced use case comes up and I don’t have what i need using iron:router?

can people share their experiences using flow-router and why there is a compelling reason to switch to using it?

I am still new to MeteorJS so in some sense I am just going with what i know, to limit the amount of new material to learn. But I am forming an opinion of iron:router that makes me think it is worth sticking with into the future. am i missing something? or are they both about equal in terms of functionality?

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Flow router is more modern and can handle React as well (if I remember correctly). If you are using Blaze, then there isn’t anything you need to worry about. If you will be using React or other front-end framework/library other than Blaze you will most likely be using routers specific to them.

ohh ok, so flow router can be used with react or blaze or you can use a another router with react … but iron router is pretty much a Blaze only router?

If that is the case then that makes sense. thank you for the information.

Cause i do use like using blaze for now cause it keeps it simple. But i would like to use react once i have am a couple more months into using MeteorJS. So it looks like flow-router is in my future :slight_smile:

Its also important for you to know that you should not use the kadira version of flow-router, that one is deprecated, you should use the one called ostrio:flow-router-extra.


ohh ok awesome, thank you. ostrio makes some nice packages that are well documented and are still actively maintained. so will definately use theirs

if you use react, i would go with react-router. Much easier to setup server-side-rendering (altough its possible with ostrio:flow-router-extra)


people reading this thread might also find this topic useful 2018: iron-router / flow-router for a new project? (using Blaze)

And i know i shouldve done a search before posting a duplicate topic … lesson learned :slight_smile:

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I’d recommend FlowRouter only if you want to try out Blaze or a combination of Blaze and React. But be aware that the combo quickly gets quite cumbersome. It’s possible, but it makes everything unnecessarily complex.

For React-only, I’d definitely go for ReactRouter. It’s much easier than FlowRouter, has a way broader community and is supported by a lot of other React packages.

I am in the middle of learning both React and Vue so I can choose between the two of them for refactoring my front end. I like Vue more at the moment, so I think I will use Vue with the Vue-Router. But I would also like to give React a chance too at some point and I will take your advice into consideration when I am working on that. Thanks.