Leverage the power of Meteor with any client-side framework


I thought of data stores as that’s what naturally comes to my mind these days in 2017.

Hooking up a simple array, like @sashko suggested, is fine too and it would be an extandable solution. Deepstream offers something like that, but Deepstream is nowhere as nice at the backend as Meteor’s publications are. Sails does that too from what I remember.


By the way if anyone wanted to hack on this, here’s the API where DDP talks to Minimongo: https://github.com/meteor/meteor/blob/a22793e443359c8ec4e4697a68dd74ab107fa7c2/packages/mongo/collection.js#L113

I started looking at it but I’m not sure yet what every function does.


MCB looks awesome! I’m excited for the possibilities of it and planning to give it a shot this week (though it does mean making a lot of updates to my course :joy:)

@Urigo I’ll be testing it out with React Native and will open up issues if I run into any and share an example if I get something together. Thank you for your work on this!


Does that then mean that you could try developing front end without server compilation (no localhost)?


Has anyone tried MCB with Next.js?
If so, can you provide an example?