Links to examples of Meteor plugins are all broken

On Atmosphere.js - many plugins have DEMO links to [pluginName] - but the links always seem to be broken.

Were they moved to another domain ? Can i just exchange for something else to reach the DEMOS

No, you cannot just change the link. The plugin authors should have updated their readme’s to pinpoint to a new location.

It’s because the free hosting of meteor ended a while ago.

Just to add, some community members/projects have been given free Galaxy hosting for their demos/docs. Projects like aldeed:autoform for example - the AutoForm demo app can now be found at Most projects that have been given free Galaxy hosting follow their old URL naming, with as the domain.

Is there a form to request for this? We have a few polymer components built for meteor that’ll be published in a few weeks after polymer migrated to npm and we could use the hosting for the meteor specific components.

You could try reaching out to @marktrang.

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You can apply for one here:

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