Long startup time


I’ve seen some chatter about long startup times for meteor of 10+ seconds. My smallish app is taking well over a minute on a Windows machine with 16Mbyte RAM and i7-3840QM processor. About half of that time spent at “Building the Application” and also quite a bit of time “Loading…” various packages like web.browser.

Is there anything I could look at to help at least the Building the Application phase?

Also, is much faster startup times still a goal for the next version of Meteor?


I don’t have any solutions, but wanted to note that I am experiencing the same issues upon upgrading my production app to 1.2. Kind of a bummer :frowning:

Maybe it has to do with ES6 integration.

Thanks, have you heard if this is still being worked on for the next release?

Windows is noticeably slower, I’ve found. Takes around a minute to build for windows and around 10 seconds to build for mac/linux.

I assume you are storing the meteor files on the local pc and not on some network drive which could be causing a delay.

It may not help much - but I notice that if I make the terminal window the active window whilst the start up procedure is running - then the system runs a bit faster.

Yes, all files are local.

I haven’t heard anything about it. I know some people that have switched over to webpack and say that their builds are sub 1s so I may end up doing that.