Looking for Contractor to Help Migrate off of Meteor

Agree, this is good description of Meteor’s strength

For APM there’s nothing better than DataDog - which anyway is the essential tool for all logs, infrastructure monitoring and optimization of it.

As for the scaling issue you mentioned a couple of times, I haven’t run into that on MongoDb though I know from my own experience that it’s surely not the most performance NoSQL document oriented database out there (that is Couchbase for me and they also have an article with 3 main reasons why they are way superior in high throughput situations).

But the biggest weakness I see right now is the lack of upgrading MongoDb to the latest version along with changing to the latest npm driver! Which is just an example that is creating a PITA for us, other SW developers might have a different problem with Meteor not upgrading regularly anymore.

But like I wrote in the other thread, why should make MDG MongoDb better in Meteor when it’s trying to sell Apollo as the best solution?

Decoupling Meteor from MongoDb and giving easy access to any database out there (that fills the need of the developer) will help. But for that we don’t need Apollo, it’s an overkill vs adding other databases to Mongo/MiniMongo.

The advantage of Apollo is IMO in using multiple (different) databases in a very simple way (not saying zero configuration but yeah, a lot less painful).

So for us that might be a future path, using MongoDb or replace it with Couchbase if it becomes necessary, use Neo4j for all our graph-related data & graph queries and finally use either wide column store dB like Cassandra or a hierarchical SQL database like MariaDb for our genome data.