Making page accessible to search engines

I’m about to move a project into production and now I need to make the page crawlable for search engines. I’ve read up on a few different ways of doing that and I could really use some input on what’s the current ways to do it. I’ve heard about ssr and fast-render, but I’m not sure when to use what? Are there some good up-to-date guides on this? Sorry if this question has been asked a lot before, I’m pretty new to Meteor.

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I second a new, and up to date solution on how this should be done.

1 big question is where is your production hosting? Self, or on Galaxy? Galaxy has a built in pre-render service, but it’s super slow and takes DAYS to update any cache.

I’m using Galaxy, but I guess I would prefer a pre-renderer that’s not super slow :slight_smile:

I researched on this topic quite a while ago but could not find any good solution. Most people were recommending, but I did not want to invest in a 3rd party service just to do SEO. All other approaches were either hacky or not working any more. That’s really one of the biggest shortcomings of Meteor.

Here is a recent thread on server-side rendering which got quite long:

I’m currently looking in to Spiderable.

I’ll let you know when I get this figured out. What a nightmare.

Wow. Check out Spiderable.

Yeah, I heard about it. But I also heard that it’s quite a mess. Don’t remember exactly what the issues were, but it kept me from digging deeper into it.


As you can see it properly is pulling my open graph data!

I’m just adding this manually to the header. But you can use Lookback:SEO meteor package to modify this information using Iron Router.

And MORE BOOYA, successfully posting on reddit.

See my thumb being correctly pulled here: