Making windows less slow (Defender)

My home’s PC is a windows 10 machine and I have the same issues with Meteor as well, as sometimes it takes a lot of ram for no reason, can’t access external mongodb addresses (despite my firewall being OK with it), and some other odd problems, not being able to compile for android isn’t good for me either, I just use my Raspberry Pi as a development machine, and while it takes a while to compile, it works well, not something I really recomend, but it’s a cheap workaround, untill I backup everything on my PC and make it work like my job’s laptop do.
For the record, if you want to use Ubuntu but want something that looks more like windows, you can also use Kubuntu (ubuntu + KDE), there are more flavors here .
If you want to try another distro, I higly recomend Fedora, and I’ve been recomended to use Linux Mint as well, but never got to experience it, there you have another alternative.

Assuming most of the slowness comes from the Windows Filesystem, I wonder if there is someway to run Meteor in a mounted container of some sort - is Fuse available on Windows? Running a whole VM seems like overkill for such a basic problem (though it works, and is what I’ll do for the short term), although…

If it’s not simply a filesystem slowness problem (the very long delay after “refreshing client” would suggest it’s something more, I think), then MDG should consider pulling the Windows version - it’s THAT slow (90+ seconds vs. under 10 seconds). The performance gap is enough that requiring a VM to develop on Windows is a reasonable hoop to ask Windows folks to jump through. I’m not sure which would be time better spent - working out an official Meteor on Linux VM or getting it to not be so slow on Windows.

So what I’m doing now is running an ssh connection to the Linux server, and running Meteor there. This let’s me run meteor from inside VS Code as I’m used to doing - it’s almost like running it on Windows!

But sometimes the connection resets, and when I reconnect over SSH, the meteor instance I was running is still running, but I can’t see the output. How can I reconnect to that running instance to see the output?