Massive Linker directory - 26GB!

I was using spacesniffer to find out where my hard drive space went. I was shocked to see that .meteor/local/bundler-cache/linker is a whopping 26GB for one project. There are a bunch of files in it that are about 11.5 MB in size. What is this folder, how in the world did it get so big, and what can I do about it?

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Did you file an issue in github? If not, please do so with a more detailed description according to the issue template you’ll see when you create it.

I never noticed, but after reading this decided to check mine out, mine is 10 GB! Not anywhere near as big as 26 but still seems pretty excessive.

This is a known issue - feel free to delete the contents of the .meteor/local/bundler-cache directory. For more info see:

Thanks @hwillson,

Hopefully they find a fix for the underlying problem at some point :wink:

Made a new issue:

I’m not sure if it’s the same problem or not (haven’t checked the folders yet). What I do know, is that during build, the disk space gets full, and my server crashes. However, after he build crashes, the disk space is free (as if what was taking the space during build was deleted).

It’s definitely safe to delete the .meteor/local/bundler-cache/ directory whenever you feel like it, though I admit these directory sizes seem bizarrely huge.

I’d happily take a pull request that automatically deleted old files in the bundler cache!

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