Material Designed Swipable Tabs?

Ive been designing a home internet of things application, using materializecss as the design choice and have been searching for a way to implement the swipable tabs as seen in native android apps.

Research has lead me to a few options:

  1. swap to Framework7 and rewrite my backend as a rest API to deliver data
  2. swap to react and use the react-swipable-views
  3. dont include swipable tabs

I am pretty new to Meteor so im unsure on the path to follow… F7 is super smooth and looks native which is a huge plus, however using it with Meteor appears to be rather difficult (from research once again)…
I dont understand React at all and im not sure i want to move away from the default styling used, unless its an easy migration?

The last is the easiest option however doesnt look or feel that native/smooth.

Has anybody found a way to do this? What route would you go?


Mobile native transitions for Meteor 1.3

This was just posted recently. Maybe it will help?

I will have too look into it, might contain an answer on after :slight_smile: