Meteor 1.11 released 🎉

I’m also running into this and reinstalling Meteor didn’t seem to help so far…

EDIT: I have another project that’s been running 1.11.1 fine (I forgot I updated it already) so the error has to be related to something else. I’ll keep investigating.

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Ran into this problem too.

Ultimate source of the problem is broken symlinks in the project’s node_modules/.bin

They don’t seem to bother 1.10, but 1.11 gives the


I simply deleted the broken symlinks and all was well.

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This helped solve the same problem after the upgrade to 1.11.1 for me, although I simply rename the node_modules/.bin directory. But I wonder why and how this directory caused the problem…?

This is the explanation why:

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Thanks a lot! I’ll look into it.