Meteor 1.3 Importing / Exporting Collections

If you are using modules. Then you are going to one accords this issue.
Bare in mind if you are importing something in the server code. And trying
to access the module on the desktop you’ll get the same error. If you are
fresh with meteor. And do not have previous experience with modules or even
es6 for that matter id strongly recommend starting with meteor and disable

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And how would I do that?

I would try doing one of the tutorials, here is the React one - The todo app in it is not a bad starter project.

The Meteor Guide is pretty awesome too -

Make sure you’re using Meteor 1.2.x

$ meteor remove modules

Nice idea @rwatts. Two questions regarding this:

  1. Is it normal not to see “modules” in the package file in the .meteor folder? I’m in 1.3 and I can’t find it.
  2. is such a removal safe? If it’s ok, I’ll follow your precious advice, waiting for @goatic guidelines though :slight_smile:

The removal is completely fine. For instance if you have packaged
installed that are depending on the modules package. Then they’re package
config file has its own set of instructions for loading and using modules.

However the only time removing modules would be a bad idea is if you’ve
already started writing your project using modular syntax.

Note the ecmascript package includes the modules package as a weak

What this mean is it is not a requirement to use modules with ecmascript.
But it may be assumed that most people would want both. So loading it as a
weak dependency for the latter package would be the reason. You don’t see
it I the packages file.

Running meteor remove modules will still remove the weak dependency
though. Also not weak dependency typically do not appear in the packages
folder unless another package has requested it as a true dependency and not
a weak one. .

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Thank you very much @rwatts!

This is my first time trying meteor and I am following : I am keep getting module not found. I am following the collection tutoriel not sure what am i doing wrong? Please help

–> you have a typo: you importet “imports/api/tasks.js”, but the file is named “task.js”