Meteor 1.5 publication/method pagination


Thanks for sharing @razor7 you beat me to it :slight_smile: I’ll take a look as I’m also in need for something re-usable.


Cool, maybe you can take a look at the reordering issue


Yup, but how does it compare to the real-time pub solution now that you’ve experienced both?


I think it’s ok if you don’t need reactivity. Load time should be the same.


Hi! The developer of kurounin:pagination just updated the module to enable non reactive scenarios. and I have updated my example



Thank you for the example app. I’m having a look at it, as I need a React paginated table. Would it be better to have columns be a prop that’s passed into DataTablesList instead of being defined withinDataTablesList, so that DataTablesList can be reused for other sets of data?