Meteor 1.6.1 - Practical Mocha invalid reporter "[object Object]"


Agreed, thank you so much @diaconutheodor. I’m assuming this works with older version of Meteor, if so, should we open an issue at the Meteor guide to change the reference to this package?


2 months later…
I was doing: meteor update ( to
And was trying to run test meteor ( using meteortesting:mocha (1.0.0).
The console showed me these:

I20180430-23:57:30.806(7)?   189 passing (15s)
I20180430-23:57:30.806(7)? Load the app in a browser to run client tests, or set the TEST_BROWSER_DRIVER environment variable. See



Your package works too!
Thank you very much!

I have to remove practicalmeteor:mocha first, because if not, this error will occur:

Error: There is already a collection named “mochaServerRunEvents”