Meteor 2.2 is out!

Hi all!

Meteor 2.2 is now out and recommended. See highlights below!


  • MongoDB Update to 4.4.4
  • Cordova Update to 10
  • Typescript Update to 4.2.2
  • New skeleton: meteor create myapp --svelte

Also - mongo package is now using useUnifiedTopology as true by default otherwise the new driver was producing a warning (see details below). It’s important to test your app with this change. For more details, check out the link here.

As always - please let us know if you have any questions.



Great! This turned out to be quiet a nice release.


2.2 is recommended now!


MongoDB Update to 4.4.4 > Javascript in aggregates ? Awesome !


Thank you. Great release. In case anyone has problems with the local Mongo DB not starting after this update, please see this post:

… and use …/meteor-tool/your_last_working_version. with the compatibility version 4.2

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I’m having problems doing a clean install on a fresh ( Windows) machine: The installer npm install -g meteor tries to download 2.2.0 ( note added .0 ) which gives a 403 on the AWS storage. does not exist. does exist.

If I manually patch the config.js script and remove the extra 0 to ´const METEOR_LATEST_VERSION = ‘2.2’;´ everything works fine.

We’re using aggregates for more than a year with Meteor. It’s quite a game changer in performance when you have lot’s of data (we have now close to 6 million docs in our Atlas Db).

Can only recommend to rewrite all your .find(), .fetch() and .map() queries and which else you seem to be worthy to do all the nitty gritty data crunching on MongoDb directly rather than in your Meteor app.

Hello @eleventy !
Thanks for reporting it. It was indeed mistyped in the install script.

It should be fine now!


Great! Could I use other Collections in $function?

            { $function:
                  body: function(name, scores) {
                     let getData = OtherCollection.find({...........})

                     return 'something'
                  args: [ "$name", "$scores"],
                  lang: "js"

Please help me.

I’ve never tried that.

Did you try and got any specific error?

If you haven’t yet, could you open a different thread about this? So you could get more attention with a specific subject about this.

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thanks for your reply :sunny: (Could I use other Collections in mongo $function (v4.4)?)