Meteor 2.3-beta.5 is out. Node.js 14 upgrade included!

The meteortesting:mocha downgrade is the one killing me right now (all my server tests currently fail) and the current version cannot be installed because the http package has a major version bump…

meteor add meteortesting:mocha@2.0.1 (feature/meteor2.3beta)refapp
=> Errors while adding packages:

While selecting package versions:
error: Conflict: Constraint http@1.0.0 is not satisfied by http 2.0.0-beta230.5.
Constraints on package "http":
* http@~2.0.0-beta230.5 <- top level
* http@1.0.0 <- meteortesting:mocha 2.0.1

The package claims to be community maintained but it doesn’t live in the MeteorCommunity github organization.

Aha - there’s a PR already Update ecmascript and http by StorytellerCZ · Pull Request #115 · meteortesting/meteor-mocha · GitHub

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After cloning into packages my tests now work again so when the PR has been merged and the new release is out it looks like it will be OK