Meteor 2.8.0 is tearing the sky

I expressed myself poorly there, sorry!

I didn’t mean to say that we’ll immediately remove async-named methods. It will eventually happen down the road in a 3.X.X version because methods like insert and insertAsync will essentially be the same, so it wouldn’t make sense to keep both.

But even this can be discussed when the time arrives, so don’t worry.

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Perfect - thanks for chiming in again!


We have started of migrating and adding Async suffix on the server functions and async keywords before the function name (we are duplicating all our functions…)
But As I read your message @waldgeist I do not understand if we need to do it or not ?
Is it fine to leave Meteor.users.findOne(blabla) and all other mongo call like this on the server ?
or not and transform this into : await Meteor.users.findOneAsync(blabla) everywhere on the server ?

Our methods are only defined on the server (not on the client)

We really need to be sure because we have a very large codebase and this migration process will take us months…

Thanks for your feedbacks

This question is of interest to me as well. I’ve been using Meteor for 7 years and have a lot of code. And I’m reluctant to upgrade to 2.8 right now because I’m not sure if every server-side method needs to be “upgraded” to this async wrapper or not :frowning:

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Hi, as the migration guide states, you can update your app to this version without having to change anything.

What this version gives you is the option to do so! You can already slowly start to update your app to work with async MongoDB methods.

Remember that you’ll have to do this work eventually. So you can start now. But you don’t need to do everything at once.