Meteor app won't load properly. Displays white screen

I have been programming a meteor webapp for a while and decided I would try to get it up and running on iOS. It would save some time and I wouldn’t have to rebuild the same thing with React Native. The webapp works fine without errors. I’ve tested the boilerplate project meteor gives you when you create a project with the meteor run ios command. So I know the iOS works on my computer, but whenever I build my webapp it appears as a white screen with no logged errors.

I am using METEOR@

This is the simulator
This is the terminal

I opened the app up in xcode and found a single error logged which I can’t seem to fix.
ERROR Internal navigation rejected - not set for url=‘about:blank’

New error - ERROR Internal navigation rejected - not set for url=‘about:blank’

I had problems like that in earlier versions of my app…when I refactored some of my routing code and cleaned it up, it went away. So I would start there, especially given your second comment. Take a look at your default route etc.

Per this thread, it could be an issue with one of your packages, or perhaps with an iframe without a src (or a dynamically set source?).

The navigation access rules won’t allow for the about:blank url unless you set the rule to *, which is obviously not a great solution.

I set an access rule for stripe as they did in that thread, but I’m still getting the about:blank url problem.

Do you have your iframe sources hardcoded in the html?

No iframes anywhere. I am using React though.

What exactly is it saying with the about:blank error?

You can see the code here.

Again, haven’t dabbled here in a bit, but I’m guessing you have a src somewhere set to about:blank, which isn’t whitelisted in your navigation config. Could be in a package? Or, it could be a placeholder for a dynamic link?