Meteor automatically downgraded w/o even running meteor update

So I just got this message in my termnal

Your app has been updated to Meteor from Meteor Restart meteor to use the new release.

I haven’t even run meteor update for about two weeks. When I run meteor --version it gives
What’s going on?

That message gets returned when the Meteor tool main “runner” tries to run your app, but receives an internal "wrong-release" error code instead.

If you’re not running meteor update though, then the wrong-release internal error code is being assigned for some other reason. I believe the only place it gets assigned is in the app runner:

So this means release.usingRightReleaseForApp is returning false. Looking at the code:

The main reason why this would return false would be if your current Meteor release is seen as being different than your apps identified Meteor release.

It sounds like your apps .meteor/release file was updated at some point?

No it wasn’t, I don’t know what happened, I don’t update meteor as often. When I finally updated, am getting an error Posted here