Meteor Dev's Thoughts on Laravel Spark?


another good reason for a broker/clearing house-like website with Git/GitHub features.

Plus, a one-man team for an open source project is not good… as he obviously won’t be working on it full-time. You cant compare this to a situation with one person putting in 40+/- hours a week.


Are you actually guaranteed those 40 hours a week?

Again, I’d like to point out Sublime.


I think another interesting point is that all devs get burnt out on projects after a time. Even if a package dev is making $x/week in donations, s/he will want to work on something else in the future. So then what – a new maintainer needs to be found, willing to commit to $x/week.

At least with open source, forks, prs, etc. exist to keep a project moving beyond the creator’s scope.


one thing i like about programmers is they are constantly trying to find ways to solve problems.

Then, with some things-- like this conversation-- they put that same level of effort and focus into trying to come up with problems instead of solutions.


The funny part is that you’re proclaiming this without recognizing the irony behind your statement.

After all, you talked about plenty o’ problems yourself…


I’m just looking to have a discussion, not fight with you.

The difference that I’m referring to, is that I am pointing out a problem and suggesting potential solutions. Where some people are just pointing out the problems… many of which I can see multiple potential solutions for.


I don’t actually want to join in this discussion, but I do want to add that Patreon is another option.

For example, Evan You from Vue.js (yes, another one man project) is using this:


I think is just trying to advertise spark, he’s not really interested in the topic


I have zero affiliation with Spark (or PHP in general).


What is the status of Laravel Spark? Is it growing in popularity? Can anyone comment who is following it?