Meteor Hot Code Push OK, but Apple cracking down on others using HCP

tl;dr: Apple is sending Dear John letters to developers that take HCP too far. So, how far is too far?

As Meteor developers, we can really benefit from hot code push on mobile apps, but this thread on Apple developer forums is a good reminder to play within their rules. Abusing hot code push to add totally new functionality, especially if it uses private APIs, is a sure way to land your app in the delete pile. So, where’s the line?

  • Replacing in-app-purchase with a 3rd party payment processor to circumvent Apple’s cut? Obviously, that’s asking for a lifetime ban.
  • Fixing an urgent security bug or minor design issue? Probably OK.

See thread on Hacker News about this. Note: this was specifically about, not Meteor. I’m curious about other people’s take on this.

See this

And this

Thanks - that’s helpful!
I changed the title just so people don’t freak out.

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Yeah they have always had a rule about not changing the functionality of the app in significant ways - definitely you still need to push real updates sometimes.

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