Meteor IOS build is not connecting with - -server option.What are the steps to build iOS app?

hey there @bpartridge ! I have this exact pb. How do you implement the steps you described exactly?

Something similar happened to my team.

We are working on project for several months, but last month we are experiencing weird behaviour.

When we do build and place a bundle on the server, web version is working great.

Android app is trying to connect to local_ip_address:3000 socket channel instead to server. Also service configuration is reporting error - not loaded, probably because app need to pull that out from server mongo connection.

I am using this command:

meteor build ../build_0.0.x --server --mobile-settings production.json

On server side this is startup script (running through nginx):

export MONGO_URL='mongodb://'
export ROOT_URL=''
export PORT=3000
export METEOR_SETTINGS=$(cat production.json)

forever start main.js

Situation is urgent, we are losing time on out-of-project scope.