Meteor Pagination. Made Easy! No Meteor Packages!

using the plugin at

Note you’ll need a data source for this whole process to work. here mine ;
var allUsers = Meteor.users.find().fetch();

function toSingleUser(allUsers) {
    $.each(data, function (index, item) {
        html += Blaze.toHTMLWithData(Template.userBox, item) //
    return html 

    dataSource:  Meteor.myusers.find().fetch() ;// or allUserx 
    , callback: function (data, pagination) {
        var html = toSingleUser(data)
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This by definition uses a “package”, it even goes so far to use a not-recommended way of including jQuery plugins…


Well It works. So How do you paginate?

It’s confusing that you’re saying

and then suggest paginationjs, which is clearly a package, and even depends on jQuery :confused:

You should take a look at some of the patterns for pagination that relies on Meteor’s subscriptions and publications, which’ll not only help you paginate/infinite scroll, but also reduce the amount of data loaded into minimongo on the client. here’s an example :sunny:


Yeah I’m pretty sure the whole point of pagination is to avoid sending too much data to the client. If you have 100,000 records on the server and want to load/display just 10 at a time, a jquery plugin can’t help you there.


Will test that and reply

This is only client side pagination. I think you can do pagination without any packages at all.

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So after two years I understood when I finally got to work , and noticed Apis with page and page size queries :joy::sob:

i need just a client pagination for UI… found works great with Blaze and Meteor. only a small issue, if i search something not from the first page, it stays in current page and the result is on page 1. all others are great!
BTW, the link of paginationjs is now