Meteor-React, React Native, and Building for Mobile

Hi, I’ve been working on my app project (2 months in) that’s mainly targeted for mobile devices (tablet as it turns out, landscape at that!)

I’m using material-ui and started with meteor-react from the start but I’ve been building the mobile builds through meteor’s default system, and it’s been working pretty well.

However, I understand that react native is another option in building the mobile app and possibly(?) a better(?) and more modern option(?). Hoping to hear feedback regarding this!

The conversations concerning the same topic are about 2 to 3 years old so I was hoping that somebody is still actively using Meteor for mobile apps and can chime in.

(And if react native is in fact a better option, I don’t suppose there’s a “best way” to transition the existing project into using that?

Hoping to hear from the community! :bowing_man:

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I have same question, what do people use to marry RN and Meter in 2018, I can’t find any solid solution

Hi guys,

In our team and in multiple personal projects I use Meteor as my backend and webapp and react native for mobile apps.

We use react-native-meteor package for the connection and mainly get all data with methods and avoid susbscriptions as much as possible.

@denysk have you tried this package? If so why do you feel/think is not solid?

Also there is a fork of it and looks that has better maintenance.

Check this,


I have, and its out of date, still using CreateContainer. But thanks for a link to the fork, it looks much better!

Oh cool! I’ll take a look at this fork as well!

I’m sticking with a Cordova web app in the meantime just so my timeline for deployment doesn’t get too shaken, but a part of the project is to have a user facing app and using RN for that would be best since it’ll be deployed on slower tablets and would be more secure since a big part of the web app has the admin functions.

Thanks for responding!