Meteor server side render without javascript

To optimize the SEO in my meteor application, I would like to control the content before javascript DOM Render, so with server side render, but only if javascript is disabled.
If we look at the source code of a meteor page, nothing is good for SEO (no meta, no content), so is it possible to push content in the source code rendering, before javascript DOM is push ?
I try with res.end(some content in html) but in this case, meteor stop javascrit render. Is it possible to control the source code injected by meteor at startup ?

Thank’s for your mind about it,


Check out the discussion at How to add a script to head in 1.3?… different question but same answer :slight_smile:

I’m not aware though of any way to detect if JavaScript has been disabled from the server side. I think you’ll need to inject the relevant SEO tags either way. There may also be a package in Atmosphere that already does this.