Meteor Tutorials (The Plan) - We need you

These decisions completely changed it and we think it’s going to be LTS.

I think this is a great way to think about it! Meteor was changing fast as the JS community was changing fast, and now things are settling down a bit.


After detail reading of syllabus And I have to say this is really well structured.
Great plan guys.


We refactored the structure a bit splitted it in 4 chapters.

  1. Meteor Fundamentals
  2. Templating with React
  3. Enterprise Level Code in Meteor
  4. Mobile (Based on the feedback this should have it’s own dedicated chapter)

& Recipes:

  • File Uploading
  • Sending emails using React
  • Deployment

This is great. As someone who is relatively new to meteor I will need this a lot!

Hello :slight_smile:

Just wanted to mention: Its Laravel’s solution to this issue. Anyone can post a series of videos to the site and it’s really REALLY useful! I think it’s owned and mostly updated by someone in the Laravel community.

It maybe a be a good model to replicate for Meteor. Anyone could create a series on a topic and upload it to a centralised place. I think this would be better than people randomly scattering videos to youtube and having them disappear as it gets older.

There is one issue I see though and its that videos go out of date quickly and take time to make! Someone will need to create a new series for each meteor update and to keep things fresh old videos will need to be archived.

Also, simply having an introductory video would be GREAT! The video below was the one I used to show my colleagues. It showed everything that meteor could do in ONE video.

Unfortunately this videos is very much out of date. It even boasts about meteor deploy which is quoted as being “free forever” lol :sweat_smile:


Check out Vue2.

It now has JSX and you can blend HTML,JS and even “real” CSS if you like.


Awesome idea, the time to implement a web platform like that can take me up to ~15 full-focus hours. I need to see how I can fit that in the schedule. I think I can hack something this weekend.

I want to enable community discussions on each topic/lesson. So we could use something like disqus. Simple.

And for people that want to upload, they may be needing special activation. Otherwise you just signup to view the tutorials.

Another important part that we may need to add is “Tutorial Requests”. Where people can simply ask for what they want better explained.


I’m tempted to start using Vue2 with Meteor. It seems really promissing…


Go for it!

I think a prototype or MVP would be great for exposure and we could see if the idea takes off or not. I’m sure it will :slight_smile:

@aislan, if you’re interested check out for @akryum’s vue implementation with meteor. It’s currently in beta but very active.

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It seems I need to be more open-minded. Because right now I am focused on React. But Why not allow other people post tutorials with Vue or whatever. I simply cannot claim that React is better. (even if I’m sure it is, I leave 1% room for doubt)

What I am afraid of is that when you try to satisfy everyone, you end-up with a mess. This is a valuable lesson I learned through the years. You have to give flexibility but to a certain degree.

The thing is when you give people to many choices you make it very hard for them. Look what’s happening in Js world right now.

However! On the other hand if vue is very popular, it can act as a selling point for Meteor, because there are tutorials for Vue and Meteor.

So in the end we will give people some choices regarding templating engine. However, we, will focus on React, others can post other stuff as well.

Would be great just to start with the React as a front-end, other choices can be add later.
Best way to have feedback would be to prepare some teaser or pilot demo tutorial.

I just can’t look past the fact that react is made and owned by Facebook who can sue you and / or take your app offline of they feel that you’re not using react in the way they prefer. that’s just to much of a risk to take if you’re intending to make your react app your income source. Many companies are dropping react because of this.
Blaze had never failed to run well for me even in large scale apps, so if your app is performing like crap, I don’t think you can blame blaze for this, I’d look at refactoring and cleaning up…
Angular 2 is going to be the duck’s nuts soon too, ignoring that fact can also be fatal when trying to future proof…


It looks to me that FB is forging a sweet set of tools (from GraphQL to Messenger bot SDKs) precisely to allow companies/developer to access the largest private network in the world in innovative ways.

Stop spreading this bullshit. Learn about their BSD license and Patent Rider in depth. Also here is the LICENSE:

Pls only make such claims backing them up by evidence. Pls let’s not start a “flame war” about this. This is about Meteor, let’s keep it that way.


As much as I do prefer to use Vue I agree with you and think its best to start small and stick with a single framework that is currently the most popular in the Meteor community. Currently that is React.

I’m sure that if the site allows people to contribute then someone will start adding their own videos for the other front-end frameworks.

I personally think that a site like this would greatly benefit the community so whatever the outcome I’ll be happy! :slight_smile:

Surely amnesia isn’t THAT prevalent here?

Not to look into this before committing all your efforts to an innovative project could prove painful…

Where are you getting your evidence from? I thought it was still Blaze.

Yep, good call. Blaze and React are probably just as popular as each other at the moment.

However my thoughts came from this video stating a move away from blaze which I assumed was brought about by a majority community consensus:

Your reply also brings to mind this interesting post which put Blaze just ahead of React back in May showing that it is (or at least was) very popular!

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I was there and in the thick of it when the decision was announced in around December of 2015. It looks like you might have joined this forum sometime after the decision and fallout.

AFAIK MDG’s switching primary focus to React was not by Meteor-community majority-consensus. Maybe React was catching on outside the Meteor community, but it was still early days for React back then.

There are several posts on this forum speculating and even some where MDG stated why the decision was made.