Meteor v2.14.1-beta.0 is out!

Meteor 2.14.1-beta.0 is out!
In this version Meteor.js now includes MongoDB v7.0.5
Its PR is this one
Please test it!

meteor update --release 2.14.1-beta.0
# or 
meteor create appname --release 2.14.1-beta.0

Thank you!

Would it be technically possible to bundle the arm64 version of mongod to avoid the need for Rosetta?


I guess it would need to change here

not sure which URL is for mongod in arm64 Is the one listed in the download page at so by the looks of it, you could just remove the if statement

Is this like a long-term support release?

If you mean Meteor 3.0-beta.0, then the key word here is beta, this is a pre-release for testing before the main release. Currently Meteor doesn’t have any long-term support releases.

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This version is now 2.15. You can follow updates in this post.

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