Mingo - MongoDB GUI Admin

my name is David, I am a co-founder of Mingo.io - MongoDB admin GUI application.

We just released new version of Mingo with the ton of new features and bug fixes.
We would really appreciate your feedback on Mingo since you are experienced in the MongoDB field.

Our website: https://mingo.io/

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Have a nice day.


Hi David, where would you like to receive the feedback?
I created a free account and was using while taking some notes.
Just as a first comment, I would pay considerably more, perhaps double for a license if some features or options were available. This basically means that I really liked it … but would prefer to love it.


Hi, thx for getting back to me, please open issues / feature requests here: Issues · mingo-app/mingo · GitHub

and we can discuss your suggestion there.

thank again, and we are happy you like our product!

ok, was planning to open a couple of tickets but I am now getting too many issues. I feel this is not production ready, at least not for my machine and software configurations/specifications.
I will keep an eye on your next releases.

Hi David,

how is your app different vs DB Compass from MongoDb itself?

What would be your USP to switch as an existing and happy user of DB Compass?



A comparison is done here. I use it at the moment, I feel it has all the features I need but it is buggy and laggy in some places:

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Thanks Paul, went through the list and its not adding much value for my own project (as I only use 1 database - hence Projects and Compare & Sync are of no use for me).


I’ve been actively hating the existing interfaces for as long as I use MongoDB. I tried RoboMongo, NoSQLBooster etc.) It is really amazing how bad most of them are. (Including the online one from MongoDB it self! My eyesight is not great, and someone at Mongo thought it would be fun to have light-gray text… :imp:)

Tried this one, not hoping for much.

Boy, was I wrong! Fast, tons of very usefull features… nice to look at too… linux version…

Bought it next day.

Amazing software; thank you!



Hi, please can you be more specific? We would like to know what issues you had, so we can address them.
You can report them here: Issues · mingo-app/mingo · GitHub or just reply to this message :slight_smile: