Mongol - The insanely handy development package for Meteor

I wouldn’t think so - it just works with whatever is synced / ran on the client. May be good to submit an issue to GitHub along with a list of your packages.

Also see:

Installed and then saw this:

Important: Mongol creates a back door to your Meteor database to allow you to create, edit and remove documents without leaving insecure on. Here’s what you need to know:
• When you push to production, Meteor should automatically remove the package from the application
• If you are pushing to production in debug mode, make sure you remove the package before you deploying

I wish I would have seen this as a warning on the main github repo readme – I would NOT have installed.

@aadams: You can always uninstall - it removes the package contents. It’s mentioned in the README and there’s a security page explaining it. On a side note, it looks like you installed an old version somehow. I think that language was a tad dramatic.

Here’s an idea though: a test that makes sure Meteor Toys packages and their methods are not present

Jetsetter is good stuff. I posted a couple issues for you on GitHub. Thanks!

@logician thanks I’ll look into em

@everyone make sure you update your toys, I just removed the console log message as well

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Awesome thank you! :smile:

I’m getting a CSS error in console for line 82. Just thought I’d let you know. Could it be an error one line 81? Defining w2ebkit can’t be right?

background-image: -w2ebkit-gradient(linear, 0% 0%, 0% 100%, from(#000), to(#292929));

hi @msavin what a nice app, its a great tool.

Does it work with meteor galaxy ?