Mongorestore - incomplete read of message header: EOF

When I try to restore on my localhost a mongodump, I receive the error :

error running create command: connection([-6]) incomplete read of message header: EOF

And in the meteor shell, this appears :

Unexpected mongo exit code null. Restarting.

Does anyone already encountered this ?

Hello, we still have this problem, we tried from another setup and the error is still there

Failed: error restoring from archive ‘C:\Temp\dump.archive’: connection([-7]) incomplete read of message header: read tcp> wsarecv: Une connexion existante a dû être fermée par l’hôte distant.

If we start a local mongo instance and start meteor pointing on this local mongo (instead of using meteor internal mongo), it seems to work

It seems that you have some error accessing your files.

Do you have anything different in your filesystem? How are you running Meteor?

Thanks for your reply.
Mongorestore was always working good in the past. And it is still working good with a lot of other app we have. I don’t think this is linked with my filesystem as my colleague on a PC (I am on a Mac) have the same problem.
We start meteor with meteor run.
Anyway this is working with external mongo so this is ok for me to do it like this.

Thomas Doki-Thonon

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I usually prefer to run the external MongoDB for real projects as well so I can control every aspect of it.

If you face other problems please let us know.

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