New GeoSocial Network platform - KeplerJS


I’m under NDA with this project, so I can’t post the whole code, but I can discuss and share chunks.
I’d love to start participating in open source projects. I’ve been sadly negligent to date. I’ll see if there’s anything I have to offer with yours.
I DO have another project that I’m tinkering on that uses many of the same things. It’s an open source disaster response app that attempts to coordinate residents, police, fire, medical and others. No public repo yet.

Yeah, I hadn’t tried React before this project. At work I use Angular. I wanted to test out React. I’ve been tinkering in Meteor for a little while now, though.

I’ll let you know once I’ve had a chance to evaluate! Maybe in that disaster app. Although I need to be able to “ground” the data so that the app works independently of cell signal. I’ve found so far that that requires building a lot of the tools from the ground up(double entendre intended).



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for now KeplerJs don’t support offline merging data but this should be easily achievable using:

it’s just added in the Roadmap:

today the latest version 1.2 is online DEMO to this address:

Hi everybody,
I wanted to inform all those who are interested in the project that your kind participation in the online demo is producing interesting results.

@herteby @waldgeist @ejouan @mckinleymedia

I renew the invitation to everyone to share on your social media this project to make experimenting even more interesting!

happy geohacking to everyone!
Stefano Cudini

@herteby @waldgeist @ejouan
I’ve just added you to the new credits page.

you should know that to date the demo counted over 500 registered users from 26 countries and many followers on github, thank you again for your help and hope that in the future you still want to collaborate on this project.


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Hi Stefano, thanks for thinking about us… I love your project and will try my best to spread the word around!!!
Regs E

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For all interested people and contributors I wrote an interesting article about architecture, this article will be updated in the future: