Newb Question regarding React / Angular / Blaze


I am JUST starting with Meteor, so far looks pretty cool. I do like the blaze templating, seems pretty awesome from what I can tell.

I would like to build Web Apps + Mobile Apps. from what it says it’s do-able. I’m just trying to see what the best ‘route’ to go is.

Blaze seems to be WEB APP, but Angular/React is mobile… Where is the best medium? I’m new to the area, so any guidance is great.

I was watching and reading some tutorials, and then found out later as to how out-dated they were so it ended up not being correct. My Bad! Argh.

In any case, i’m looking for just some guidance, there are so many possible directions, which do I start with when new to the scene?

Thanks in advance.

You seems to be confused on some topic. Anyway my personal advice, since you are new to the scene is to go with either react or Blaze. You will find tons of help in the community and each one of the twos has its own pros and cons.

Blaze its probably the easiest to use and learn and it works great untill you are not planning huge apps. React, from my point of view, is very good to start with since it forces you to write a lot of vanilla JS which will make you a better javascript developer regardless the frameworks or libraries you will work on in the future!

Just my two cents

All four - Blaze, Vue, React and Angular, are both for webapps and mobile apps. In this context, it doesn’t matter which one you choose, as long as you don’t plan implementing a native mobile UI, in which case I’d suggest React.

Hey there! I myself just started (really, just yesterday) learning Meteor, coming from 3-5 years of PHP, and was searching for an anwer myself.
I was sure, that I would start with Blaze, but after reading these:
it made me really think about starting with React.

Also here are reddit post

after reading this post:

I will probably stick to Blaze for now.

Yah, I don’t think I will be doing native mobile UI yet.
I’m more-so looking to build a we application that that I can run through Cordova or something an build a mobile app.

The tutorials I find online don’t seem to use BLAZE for mobile development, they all seem to use Angular + Ionic. which I think Ionic is great visual framework.

I guess I just haven’t found the right tutorial or whichever in how to create the actual mobile app yet.

Thanks for the input!


Yeah I’m in the same boat. I too am on the same path of basically starting a couple days ago. Ran through some tutorials etc.

I would love to have a basic todo app, and run it through Blaze > Web + Mobile app downloads. I think that would be a good tutorial, and I haven’t found it yet.

I found LevelUpTuts, on youtube, which he is great for stuff, but he is a React developer, his Blaze tutorials are quite old.

Let me know if you find anything else.
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I would love to have a basic todo app, and run it through Blaze > Web + Mobile app downloads. I think that would be a good tutorial, and I haven’t found it yet.

Well, then you haven’t looked at it at all. The first Meteor tutorial is Todo list and with Blaze - here


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