Next step of View layer: React/Angular Or Blaze

Blaze are officially under Meteor 's home ( This steps really makes me confused about the direction of Meteor now.

From what @gschmidt said on, look like Blaze gonna be abandoned soon and everybody is excited to move to React/Angular. However, with the move of Blaze under Meteor, is it a confirmation that Blaze gonna be there for a long time under the maintenance of Meteor team ?

Oh boy, another one. :slightly_smiling:

Read this: Angular, React, and Blaze

Listen to this: (Matt talks about the view layer at 1:04:00 in)

And make up your own mind based on what you’re building.

People are definitely excited about React and Angular, but that doesn’t mean Blaze is going anywhere. There are many existing apps that use it, and it still has its own benefits.

Much has been said about this already, but I think the takeaway message is that the Meteor team does not have the capacity to continue developing Blaze. That doesn’t mean it will be abandoned however, and it certainly won’t disappear. Instead, we think there is an opportunity to work more closely with the community and make it easier for projects like Blaze to evolve independently from the main meteor/meteor repository.

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