Off topic: Chrome vs Firefox?

Tonight I was sort of prompted to move away from Firefox, as I’m convinced it’s not performing as well as Chrome. Specifically, the Meteor docs makes Firefox get stuck for a significant period of time as it renders. In Chrome, it’s quite snappy.

I was wondering, though, from a developer standpoint, which browser are you guys and gals using—and why?

I use Chrome and love it.
The developer tools are fantastic, the interface is simple.
Tabs are snappy and quick, never had an issue.

I’ve wanted to try using Safari more but Chrome is too good.

There was a question I asked which got zero love to see if anyone uses Safari… so I guess not.

I just ran three benchmarks, pitting Chrome against Firefox: Kraken JavaScript, Octane, and JetStream. Chrome won on two, Firefox won with Kraken but just barely.

Both browsers have pretty great dev tools. I have yet to dive into Chrome’s in depth though.

I would evaluate Edge in the next few months as well.

I’ve been testing Edge since I upgraded to Win 10. Besides the fact that Intellij doesn’t have a plugin connection to it, it’s fine for all other normal debugging.

How did firefire win with Kraken? What was the benchmark? something which depended on performance of a third-party API with might vary from call to call?

Not sure how it won as I don’t know the specifics of the test, but you’re welcome to give it a shot yourself.

hum, but that benchmark is produced by the company which owns firefox

here are some additional benchmark comparisons