Official TypeScript compiler coming to Meteor

That is quiet hard to say. If we look at the relevant state of JS result for 2018 that 46% of js devs use it with another 33% looking to give it a try soon.

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That is not quite what the survey reports:

  • 33% Heard of it, would like to learn (!== “…try soon”)
  • 46% Used it, would use again (!== “use it”)

But ok, 46% of responding devs know TS – fine. Given the selection bias of the survey, I’d bet on 10% or so, in the real world. See Who Took the State of JavaScript 2018 Survey?

(Also, given the many esoteric features of TS, “to know TS” is not well-defined. 1% might also be a valid answer.)

Oh well – it’s clear there isn’t much interest in this point.
// end of lament

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