Possible to Get Meteor's MongoDB Instance?

I posted a separate thread about the mysterious missing package folder. :slight_smile:

In the meantime, is it possible by any chance to do a fork or separate repo so I could install the new “swydo:graphql” via Meteor add [...]?

Wait, I think they are here:

cd ~/.meteor/packages

…and you are saying that if I make a packages folder that is local to my project, any packages in it will override the ones in ~/.meteor/packages. Is that correct?

I’ve started installing the updated swydo:ddp-apollo, but I haven’t found the correct setup for it yet.

  • I cloned Swydo/meteor-graphql
  • Ran git fetch origin pull/54/head:mv3_update – I believe 54 is the number for your PR
  • Ran git checkout mv3_update to checkout your latest files
  • Created a ‘packages’ folder in my app folder
  • Copied the ‘meteor-graphql’ folder into the packages folder
  • Removed the old swydo:graphql which required fibers
  • Left swydo:ddp-apollo package in place
  • changed my line `import {setup} from ‘meteor/swydo:ddp-apollo’‘;’ to import {setup} from ‘meteor/meteor-graphql’;
  • Ran my app
  • Got a message saying "Cannot find package “meteor-graphql”

What am I missing for the setup?

You don’t change the import, the folder name is immaterial as it takes the package name from package.js.