Predictions on Twitter for Meteor


i still don’t understand why people bash on react’s virtual dom. It’s an implementation detail. The API couldn’t care less about it.

More important is React’s reconciliation algorithm (which on the other hand uses the virtual dom). It allows you to have more “dumb”, but natural data structures like plain arrays or objects. In blaze, you need to use collections for lists, otherwise you get bad performance if you do stuff like sorting / adding / removing elements.


I think it’s already in the Plateau of Productivity.


Yes, I agree. But I don’t know any Meteor developers and the engineers that I do know are not entrepreneurial. So I am incertain where to find a suitable partner. Anyone that you might suggest?


You can try posting on if you havent already.


Well, it’s a real challenge to pick a co-founder, the are many factors that goes into that selection. I can’t suggest one, it has to come from your network, but the book The founder’s Dilemma might help a bit in clarifying the process.

Sorry, we’re getting off-topic here.