Publishing Static Sites

I love meteor for quick app prototypes. This is especially because it has a dead simple templating system, as well as integrated plugins (no need to write gulp/brunch scripts for stylus/coffee/jade/etc yay).

However, I sometimes want to create static sites with meteor. You know, sites that are just plain html with no need for a server (apart from just serving static files).

Anyone here have experience with that in meteor?

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I think it should be pretty simple. Just don’t use any server-related features (Mongo collections, Meteor methods, etc).

After you build your application as you usually do, open it on browser, go to source and just copy css, js and html to 3 files: index.html, styles.css, scripts.js. Then you can serve these files as a static website.

haha that’s not very practical if he has s CMS with hundreds of blog posts. or an ecommerce site with hundreds of products.

I think you want something like this

Not to mention you can’t (AFAIK) just rip out the HTML/CSS/JS and have a site that works, as routes will break. (try surfing directly to for example)

I think this is what you want