Quick Front-End (view layer) Survey

Okay, but we could talk about them, even a few lines …

I agree with that … awareness and marketing of useful packages is a big part of their success and adoption. So i dont want to harm these integrations in any way. I just want to make sure people are directed to integrations/front end frameworks that they will have success using.

I will work on updating the Angular tutorial and see how it comes out. Maybe I’ll feel better once its done haha


Big thanks for all the great work @brianmulhall on the tutorials/guides! I do think Meteor will one day just mirror the popularity of the various front-ends to some degree.

Our survey here represents maybe just 1% (could be 0.1% or 0.01%) of the total Meteor users and the front-ends they have deployed projects with.

I imagine the growth story for Meteor to come will involve more & more people with a specific front-end in mind considering Meteor as their preferred way to manage their full stack. If leaders of the front-end communities support Meteor, there will be especially large new Meteor adoption, which will be great for all of us :grinning:

As Meteor grows again, I think we’ll be able to coordinate groups of devs to do better testing, maintenance, documentation, and support of each front-end :rocket:

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Great picture! It something that we all need - some understanding of what Meteor is about. At one time Meteor was coherent and fully covered by Discover Meteor book but not it seems to be more of a wild life creature.

Can someone write the same list of ‘What is Meteor’ for Blaze and React?

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Fully support that idea. Let’s concentrate on what is used by Meteor devs today and I’m too very surprised to see Svelte neck to neck with VueJS despite the “hype” around VueJS (meaning it’s longer on the market, more established, the nice short documentary about its founder etc).

Not to forget there’s a tutorial for all except Svelte (in the works, I know) but that makes it even more surprising to me.

Maybe those that responded are not only the most active users in the forum but also always on the hunt for a better framework. It’s surely a too small sample but still absolutely worth to see the results.

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@a4xrbj1 I agree that Vue + Meteor should be more popular. There are many devs using that combo that are not here in the community. I’m pretty passionate about improving that! :rocket:

The vue-component package is the most core Meteor + Vue package in atmosphere and there are about 100 new installs each week. I’ve done some talking in the Vue community, and at large, Vue devs have little to no awareness about Meteor, so to me there is massive growth potential there.

I’m focusing on growing the number of Vue + Meteor devs because it’s just simply an amazing combination.

I also sponsor @akryum on Github because as a Vue core team member, he has created and maintains the core packages needed to make Vue + Meteor a dream. It’s mostly unknown by those not using the integrations, but Vue’s dev experience is better than React + Meteor experience for the moment, although that React + Meteor will get some HMR features like Vue + Meteor has soon.

Back in the day, the MDG started supporting React & even Angular more than Vue, so there are Vue users who left Meteor because they felt like Meteor didn’t support them. This is no longer the case, so there is some community rebuilding that is going on and needs to continue (Meteor :heart:Vue & Vue :green_heart:Meteor).

Vue + Meteor is supported in sort of an “opposite fashion” to React for example. Vue’s core team member Guillaume Chau (@akryum) built & maintains the integration for Vue + Meteor. Even at the time I picked Vue, it was clear that Vue was already a massive success, and Meteor had a lot of FUD going around.

So part of the reason I picked Vue over other front-ends is because it has a beautiful design and the integration is supported by a passionate talented open source developer on Vue’s core team.

I’ve said this in other places, but I’ve been working with Vue + Meteor for 1.5 yrs now, and it’s amazing :heart:.

Up until just weeks/months ago, Vue documentation in the Meteor docs and community has been very light. Still if you read the Meteor docs, Vue doesn’t appear to be where you would expect it everywhere just yet, but we’re getting all that updated. So just from a historical standpoint, it’s not obvious for outsiders to come in knowing how well Vue + Meteor work together.

In fact I bet most Meteor community members don’t know you can even use Vue with Blaze. Typically you would only use Vue with Blaze if you already had a Blaze project and needed some features from Vue.

Some fun recent appearances of Vue :rocket:are now on the Github readme for Meteor & on the Meteor Wikipedia. Thanks to @brianmulhall we have a Meteor + Vue to-do list tutorial that is just a month old or so. And it is great that Vue had been in the Meteor guides for a while now, even when I started using the two together!

I started work on a Vue + Meteor GitBook to build out some more easy example open-source apps for the community with lots of pictures & videos probably. I’m also writing other tutorial creators and video creators to consider making Vue + Meteor content. And I’ll be working to get the word out in the Vue Community too! @filipenevola has confirmed that we get to talk about Vue + Meteor improvements and new things on all of Meteor’s social channels too, so there is a lot of great stuff coming! @akryum has also mentioned that he will be supporting Vue 3 with Meteor too, so that has gotten some people excited as well. Because Vue does not have 1 big corporate sponsor like React & Angular have, the support from the open source community is what makes those projects a success. So that’s us :sunglasses:

Open source is stronger together :muscle: and we do appreciate those corporate sponsors too, because a little $$ paying for thousands of developers hours is pretty helpful. But 1 million+ people giving to what they love is unstoppable. Happy developing! :grinning:


:+1: New user, it just helped me thanks

(hobby coder coming from [html + notepad] 25 years ago -> coldfusion -> PHP -> Ruby/rails … and now just beginning to look at JavaScript solutions and frameworks. The first tutorial gave me too many options { React, Vue, Svelte, Blaze and Angular.} and these results mean I just need to start learning about the top two. (I’m happy to be a sheep and follow the flock when learning new things).

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Current results from the community survey (for comparison):


im glad meteor is making it easy for new people to check it out and have fun building with it … and make informed decisions about where the majority of users have congregated

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