Reactjs, what are the benefits vs Blaze?

Is react in meteor mature enough to be easily used in production projects? :grinning:

It depends on how much of the bells and whistles you want to use. You could just import the raw react runtime and manually render to a div. This is very stable. On the other side of the spectrum, full serverside rendering is still very experimental and should not be used in production.

I have two apps in production with react and they’re using the React preview but are getting their data from a Blaze template higher up. This is mainly for legacy reasons but it’s still more safe currently.

The getMeteorData seems to be stable and I can’t find anything wrong with it so I wouldn’t mind using it in prod, even though it’s still in a preview state.

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Thank you for clearing the air on this. I was seriously considering converting one of my production apps that requires a lot of re-rendering to React, but I don’t think it is worth it now as Blaze keeps getting better and better and is integrating a lot of the good parts of angular and react.

Can you elaborate on this? :slight_smile:

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