Routing: IronRouter is recommended, and can I split the html?

For websites using Meteor, is IronRouter the recommended router?

I have been looking around IronRouter and it is unclear if you’re supposed to just throw all the various views into one big HTML file. I’d prefer to have something like

  _layout.html (this contains the header and footer and any other JS like Google Analytics)

Is there a good blog post or something I can read about this to learn more?

It is a mater of taste and requirements. Although I still use Iron Router (for historical reasons), my advice is to not use it, cause it is an overly complex package with pending issues. Alternatives are: 1. no router 2. flow-router.

Almost every bit of Meteor code I’ve seen in the wild uses iron-router. It’s even recommended in the Discover Meteor book. If you’re used to routing a-la Rails, then it’s highly recommended because you will feel at home and waste less time.

Some more ref:

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