📡 TRANSMISSION #17: Help pick topics

It’s time to plan TRANSMISSION show #17!

I will be talking with MDG team members about whatever the most interesting topics have been for the last month or so, and I’d like to get your help with that.

Reply here and let us know which recent topics are the most important to you!


On Episode #16 we talked about Redis Oplog, Apollo + Meteor, and impact of the loss of Arunoda/Kadira.


TRANSMISSION is a monthly show covering the most important topics to come out of the Meteor Forums. Each month we need your help to pick the most relevant forum posts for us to discuss with MDG in deeper detail.

Podcast Site: https://transmission.simplecast.fm/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTUf4ytkmI8Q7cbf4J6aQEYun5g8fxt9B


any info about how this is going to work would be cool :slight_smile:

and I don’t know if I missed any update on this but maybe there are more opinions about future plans for mdg and kadira


If you could do any sort of contact with @arunoda to find out what his plans are for Mantra, it would probably be considered actual news. He’s been so great about turning Kadira and Flowrouter over to the community for continued development, but Mantra users have heard nothing yet about his plans. If he were to continue leading development of it, or turn it over to users, either way Mantra users would greatly appreciate it.

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There hasn’t been a commit on Mantra in almost a year, and no new issues for several months: Issues · kadirahq/mantra · GitHub

I’d say that’s the first step.

Yes. If you submit a new issue on https://github.com/kadirahq/mantra/issues3, you see this default text:

Now we’ve a Forum to ask questions related to Mantra.
See Mantra Talk: https://talk.mantrajs.com/

So, it’s a better idea to ask your question on Mantra Talk directly.

On 12/16/2016 I posted this to Mantra Talk:


…but still there is no response from Arunoda, turning the Mantra repository and forum over to the community.

It seems so odd because he’s been great about the way he handled FlowRouter and Kadira.

I’m a huge Transmission fan. I think you and Sashko (and other guests) really do a nice job.

I’d like an Apollo update. Specifically, the continued growth of subscriptions. Is Facebook still dragging their feet on implementation? I know that it’s causing some community angst. For instance, I’m working on an Elixir project using Absinthe (GraphQL server implementation for Elixir) and there’s been some talk about supporting Apollo’s subscriptions vs waiting for the official standard from Facebook.


I am also a huge transmission fan !

Would love to add an opinion on react-native-meteor.

Also on meteor-apollo-accounts.


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Service workers / Progressive Web Apps please :smiley:


Good news: We’re doing as much as we can to work with Facebook and everyone else to center on one official standard. The last thing we would want to end up with is several competing standards. We should talk to the Absinthe maintainers more as well! This is something @Urigo is spending a lot of time on.


I’d love to hear about how realistic the possibility is of the remote Meteor shell that @benjamn brought up at the end of that recent HashBang episode.


Following up on @gusto’s suggestion, meteor-now can include a free MongoDB instance with your deployment just like meteor deploy did. Check out this post for more details on how it works.


How about having some community people on?
( @themeteorchef and @spencercarli? )

Why do they pick Meteor? What challenges do they face launching their courses? …


I’d be really interested to hear some discussion on this github issue regarding generating sourcemaps for production builds that’s been around over a year now and is 5th in the queue but not really getting any attention. I guess it’s not trivial to implement or Ben would have done it already. What’s holding it up?


Thanks for suggesting TMC! Would love to do this.


That would be cool :slight_smile: Thanks for suggesting me!


Sounds awesome! Btw we recorded the episode on Friday, coming soon.


Thanks everyone! It’s up on YouTube now: https://youtu.be/QFLIIHsWYYQ?list=PLTUf4ytkmI8Q7cbf4J6aQEYun5g8fxt9B (and the audio podcast version will be published soon).

It would be great to have some community guests on.