Searching for Blaze gurus


Everybody’s so excited about components in React, I am a bit puzzled - are there are really good components that go beyond GUI (which can be dealt with by CSS components)? Could you provide some examples? I mean, I have seen one in Meteor Kitchen - react-currency component but isn’t npm is also about it?

And is it really really could not be done before and cannot now be achieved without React?


React has made components extremely popular (a good thing). People think that React is the best way to build components (a bad thing - the jury deliberates constantly on this one).

Componentising is more about a way of thinking than about a software framework or library. You can build smart components in vanilla JS. Just try a Google Search.

Don’t side with any tribe. Pick something you’re comfortable with and work. The product is more important than the stack.


Sure, thanks for focusing on right direction, would you suggest some reading, close to Meteor or/and Javascript on these topics?


@Volodymyr here’s a funny and very educational read:


or not

This package does a ton of hacks and I can make no guarantees about its stability or the backwards compatibility of future version.


Reval is more than a year and a half old, and is used by a fair number of people. I could probably remove that line now :slight_smile:

Also Reval is dev only, so if it doesn’t work for you, it’s not like it’s going to break anything in production.


oh i see. I thought it was some new template system


Nope, it’s a package that provides interactive development and instant reloads for Blaze apps


I would hire a javascript developer :wink:. Both Vue and Blaze (and React) are nothing spectaculair. If you can do javascript you can use any of them.

Apart from that, imo Blazejs team should have looked and incorporated Viewmodel. It makes Blaze superior to any framework I know. Closest to this is Marko.js from eBay, a very underrated framework. Unfortunately Viewmodel isn’t developed anymore, and Blaze is dying a slow dead. As such people will switch to where the community is heading; React, Vue, Angular. Want to build a business and hire people? You don’t go for Blaze.
It’s a sad world…


We’ve got around 600 templates and components in our app in Blaze/ViewModel - almost every (99%) UI component is made in house including our own form elements all in Blaze. It works fine at that scale. I would reckon Qualia and us are the largest applications written in Blaze and we both seem to like it.

This is not exactly true. It’s maintained and issues are being discussed.


Hardly, 8 commits this year and most where simple upgrades. The real issues are not being tackled. Manuel says himself that he spends 0 time on optimising the low-hanging fruit of performance and stability upgrades.


Far from “isn’t developed anymore” tho. Don’t FUD :slight_smile: