Send all documents or only what you need?

in my application I have a quote with 100 products (each product is a document)

when the user will see the quote I sent him the first 10 products, but whenever he applies a filter (search, skip, etc) I have to re-send the 10 matching documents.

my question is, if I load the first 10 documents with Fast-render and then the others 90 and apply all filters without re-make requests to the server, is better than as I am doing now?

give me recommendations to handle a large number of products (I do not think a quote exceeds 500) without disturbing my server or user. Currently my response time for a filter does not exceed 1.5 seconds, but there are not many users using the application

check this out: Subscription management FAQ

you could use a subscriptions manager to cache subscriptions and the related documents.

Your question isn’t exactly coherent. I think you are asking whether you should:

  • Subscribe to only the documents needed when they are needed (risking having to resend)
  • Subscribe to the initial documents needed and then to all the documents after initial load

I don’t think this can be answered definitively. If the document count can grow to be very large and/or contain a lot of data, then subscribing to all won’t be a good idea. If the number is slim or limited, then its probably OK. I’d use a subscription manager to cache data as you subscribe. At the end though you may have to try multiple options and use the one that works the best for your application.