SEO - googlebot strategy / Prerender / mdg:seo

Hi all,

There have been some changes to the Google crawling strategy as mentioned here:

The meteor recommended package mdg:seo depends internally on dferber:prerender which wraps the version 2.2.2 of prerender-node. The latest version that is compatible with the Google changes is the 3.2.0.
The new “google dynamic rendering” might not work properly with older versions except if you specify manually to your middleware the googlebot agent and other agents as described in the link above.

I wonder if anything is done on Galaxy to ensure that it complies?

We’ve recently had some issue with the SEO of our meteor app, hosted on galaxy, and to better debug the prerendering of our pages we’ve decided to use directly with prerender-node 3.2.0* npm package. Our pages are now correctly prerendered and we’re just waiting for Google, bing etc to index them (again)… fingers crossed

By the way, huge thanks to you Todd (@prerender) for the support.


We’re getting in touch with the package owners and our customers and we’ll make sure these get updated!


I appreciate you sharing this info; it was very helpful.

For anyone looking for additional details on how to configure Meteor SEO using Galaxy or something else check out this Meteor Forums post I wrote that has additional useful details:

As an alternative to we’re using this pre-rendering service.
They have up to date docs and integration for Meteor.js.