Separating Meteor Server From front end CLI beneficial?


I am developing an Angular4 + Meteor app for a while now. I have read a lot about this build/dev process and I have came down to a point of a fundamental question I have been thinking about. That is, should i separate my Meteor project into two separate builds, Front end Angular CLI and backend meteor. I came down to this thought process because the features Angular CLI supports AoT, tree shaking and lazy loading which doesn’t seem to be possible through Meteor CLI yet. I have been looking at meteor-client-bundler to have this setup. Although Meteor has dynamic imports in 1.5, I still don’t believe it will give me the performance boost as native angular CLI would give me. I have noticed a large bundle and very slow rendering times.

Thinking one step ahead, what if Angular comes out with a new build process that Meteor does not inherit straight away. I lose this benefit until Meteor catches up…

Has Anyone have any experience with this type of thinking and implemented a solution. It would be nice to hear from the community before I make a decision to start doing this. As of right now I think this would be the best solution to get the benefits of both worlds and having decoupled CLI.

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That’s a very good question.

First, just want to update you that we’ve published new angular-compilers package that supports all the features the Angular CLI gives you:

  • Typescript compilation
  • Assets compilation (HTML, styles)
  • Angular’s AoT compilation
  • Rollup’s bundling with Tree Shaking

But with the Meteor CLI itself!

and added a lot of examples with for all those features plus an example with Angular CLI if you want to use it instead of the Meteor CLI:

We’ve also updated all the latest versions including the latest Angular 5 and Meteor 1.6.

As to your question - I guess it comes down to what features each one of those will have in the future that will be best suite your Angular app.
I know that the Angular team is working very hard on the Angular CLI, including maybe a future support for Bazel, so maybe the Angular CLI + Meteor Client Bundler is a safer choice.

On the other hand, Meteor is now improving rapidly and now that it is in feature parity with the other popular solutions (Angular CLI and create-react-app) then the next features there could be very interesting.

Now all you need is to choose :wink:

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Hi @davram88 , have you done anything to separate the meteor project into two separate builds, front end Angular CLI and backend meteor. now it actually seems the most required thing to continue using angular and meteor together because the angular-meteor package is almost dead and to update angular and meteor together is very hard