Server side rendering and Blaze deprecation

Hello everyone!

I use React for my front end but I still use Blaze to handle my SEO and email templates. My question is, since Blaze is getting deprecated how will I be able to handle SEO and email with React? From my understanding it is possible to render react templates on the server but I’ve heard that React is much more CPU intensive on the server compared to Blaze.

I just want to hear thoughts people may have that know more about the subject than I do.

Blaze is not being deprecated though.:nerd_face:

They never used the word “Deprecated” but they did say


I’d suggest using a service like prerender to handle server side rendering for SEO, because then the CPU is on their servers, not yours :]

Server-side email

It seems like email templates wouldn’t be a big issue for CPU, since it’s very predictable when you generate them, and they probably aren’t terribly complicated (maybe?). Do you think this would be a problem?

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Here’s a more recent account. This helps clear things up. I see it’s not the gist of your post, I just thought to mention it