Set route for modal in FlowRouter + Blaze?

Hi folks,

I’m building a standard CRUD page for a custom CMS and want the create view to appear in a modal over the list view.
I also want the route to update, and ideally to be able to open a page on the create route which would render the list with the create modal over the top.

I’m using ostrio:flow-router-extra.

Any help would be appreciated

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Why are you using this router over any others?

Mainly because the community recommend FlowRouter over IronRouter and this version is still actively maintained.
I was particularly drawn by the maintainer’s posts demonstrating easy dynamic imports support as we are using dynamic imports on this project.

Is this possible using other routers?

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I see they put this in as a bullet point:

Doesn’t the unmaintained (original) FlowRouter support Dynamic Imports too?

Also this forum post, which gives me confidence that dr.dimitru cares about keeping the package up to date and continues to explore how well it works with new features.

For the original FlowRouter, I believe you can put a dynamic import in the action() hook and render the template with .then. A loading screen should also be possible by rendering before the dynamic import.

The other extras that ostrio:flow-router-extra gives you are just very handy to have too.

Are you aware of a way that the original question would be possible with FlowRouter?

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I think you’re right about this. I don’t think Dynamic Imports is something that’s “integrated” into the router.

Not integrated, it is waiting for “imports” to load (if Array is passed) before executing the action hook, - which will simplify code structure, save your time with writing less code, and less code means less space for errors.

The main idea behind every package is to simplify developer’s work, as you may implement every NPM/Atmosphere package yourself, but with Open Source and bigger community, you will save time on not re-inventing what was already done.

It’s up to you use it or not, or write your own routing solution.

Our main goal is to keep FR project up to date, compatible with latest Meteor releases, and backward compatible with original FR.