Should I stop using Meteor for part of my application?

On desktop it’s fast enough, I just noticed that you load immediatly google maps and stripe js, but as there is no map on the front page and payment will be after you select something you can differ these js loading. don’t put analytics.js in body but footer.
I think you should review the way you render the app : loading page, background image, items image and text information can be loaded by first 3 ou 6 to be displayed as a grid (depending on the size/orientation of screen) , infinite scrolling -> react should be a good investment for you :wink:
You can find some good code examples with and

You did not answer about your custom CSS choice, why not use bootstrap or material ?

I agree, frameworks tend to be heavy and bloated. It is considerably slower on the phone,I think it has more to do with the processing and rendering on the client side since I’m on the same network…server side rending should speed this up no?

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Yes loading stripe and google maps at the start is unnecessary. I should probably wait till after the template loads to load those scripts. Great idea. What you suggested about the loading is great as well, will definintely take that into account along with the examples. Had no idea about reaction commerce. Love that the code is available to view, there must be so much to learn from that.

The reason I choose to use custom CSS was that the amount of styles I needed is honestly quite minimal compared to how much these frameworks bring. Also I find customizing the frameworks style to match my design requirements to be a big pain often.

Thats right but to get data server side and then render the page, to my understanding, it would just be the meteor server serving my static file that might load other scripts to handle my page events right? The actual meteor app it-self wouldn’t load. If thats the case why not just serve of express or something and use react given reactivity isn’t important for this area of the app.

That is my understanding as well, that it’ll be whatever static files and JS that you include in your template. But correct me if I’m wrong, aside from the other order, the “menu” pages could be completely static. So why not having the menu pages rendered along with a filtering JS files (to filter by food type etc…) and have the order page rendered by another route…